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Kaitlin / August 8th, 2011   Photos


Kaitlin / August 8th, 2011   Photos


Kaitlin / August 8th, 2011   Photos


Kaitlin / August 8th, 2011   Photos


Kaitlin / August 8th, 2011   News

Troian Bellisario , Ashley Benson , Lucy Hale , Shay Mitchell , Holly Marie Combs , Ian Harding , Bianca Lawson , Laura Leighton , Chad Lowe , Tammin Sursok , Sasha Pieterse , Janel Parrish , Chuck Hittinger , Keegan Allen And Picture’s From Season 1 And From Season 2 And Song Is By Beyonce .

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Made in celebration of Troians awesomeness. I own NOTHING in this video. I did not photograph any of these photos. All photos I have found on the web and simply put them together in a video. All rights go to original owners. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. Song used: Drops of Jupiter Artist: Train This video is made for Troian Avery Bellisario, my hero, role model, and idol. I love Troian for everything she says, for all the ways she acts, and for everything she is. Troian Bellisario you are my all, and stay awesome. -Leah twitter: @TroianBell_Fans

Kaitlin / August 6th, 2011   Videos

as some of you may or not know I FREAKING LOVE pretty little liars! the girls are amazing in it. shay mitchell, ashley benson, lucy hale & troian bellisario ♥ song;; chris brown ft justin bieber – ladies love me.

Kaitlin / August 6th, 2011   News

HD is your Best-Friend! Ughh, this is such a fail! It was supposed to be soo much longer, but I just couldn’t get myself to finish it. :/ Sorry. Anyway, I know this may sound wierd coming from me, but I actually like this video. :OI know, I’m just disappointed that I didn’t finish! 🙁 Anyways, that’s about it. FAQ; Song: The A-Team Artist: Ed Sheeran Coloring: mine People Used: Ariana Grande, Ashley Benson, Demi Lovato, Diana Agron, Emma Watson, Heather Morris, Lea Michele, Lucy Hale, Miley Cyrus, Naya Rivera, Nina Dobrev, Selena Gomez, Shay Mitchell, and Troian Bellisario. (Basically all my favorite female celebs) If you have any other questions feel free to ask 🙂 xoxo Jihan

Kaitlin / August 5th, 2011   Videos

Gomez Family: Lucy- 21, oldest sister, protective of her sisters, loves all of her friends, takes the care of her sisters because their parents are always on business trips, dating Ian Harding Selena- 17, middle sister, loves to sing, good student, hard working, really sweet, is single but has a crush on Nick Jonas Bella- 13, youngest, loves dancing, hates that her parents are always out of town, dyslexic, has a crush on her best friend Kenton Duty Bellisario Family: Troian: 21, very smart, outgoing, always trying to impress her family, loves her little sister more than anything in the world, crushing on mysterious neighbor boy Toby Danielle: 15, shy, quiet, doesn’t feel like she belongs in the family, not the best student, cuts herself, has a secret crush on Sterling Knight Benson Family: Ashley: 21, loves to shop, funny, always trying to look pretty, faces battles with anorexia, outgoing, dating Caleb Ariana: 15, cute, sweet, fun, loves to sing but doesn’t want anyone to know, looks up to her older sister, great student, dating best friend Matt Bennett Mitchell Family: Shay: 21, swimmer, athletic, always tries to be positive, dating Joe Brooks Demi: 17, sweet, funny, kind, loves to sing and act, has a crush on Andrew Garfield heyy i just wanted you to get a background of what the characters are like. please let me know if i should write this series.

Kaitlin / August 4th, 2011   Videos

hey guys im back!! well im starting a new series! its going to be about 4 families that are really close friends. they treat each other like family and spend all of their time together. one day they all start getting threats and that makes them even closer. its kind of like pretty little liars. the name is ALL TOGETHER!! Characters~ THE GOMEZ FAMILY Lucy Hale (gomez)- The oldest sister 21 Selena Gomez- middle sister 17 Bella Thorne (gomez)- youngest sister 13 The bellisario family: Troian Bellisario- 21 danielle campbell- 15 Benson Family: Ashley Benson- 21 Ariana Grande (benson)- 15 mitchell family: Shay Mitchell- 21 Demi Lovato(mitchell)-17

Who is Troian?

Troian Avery Bellisario is an American actress best known for her role as Spencer Hastings on the hit Freeform series Pretty Little Liars.


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