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ápr 2019
Movies, Videos  •  By  •  Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams Look for Love and Life Beyond Earth in ‘Clara’ Trailer bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva

The truth is out there. Or is it? In Clara, real-life couple Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario (who gave birth to their first child last year) play an astronomer obsessed with proving there is life beyond Earth and an artist who proves to be the key to a profound astronomical discovery — and perhaps something even deeper. “I’ve wondered almost every single day of my life what else could

aug 2018
Movies, Projects  •  By  •  CLARA – Trailer & Premiere bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva

“Clara”, written and Directed by Akash Sherman and starring Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams, is premiering this year at The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).   CLARA tells the story of Isaac Bruno (Patrick J. Adams), an astronomer consumed by the search for life beyond Earth. Convinced that the universe is a dark and lonely place, Isaac meets Clara (Troian Bellisario), an artist who shares a fascination for the wonders

jún 2017
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Feed is now available for pre-order on the iTunes store! Click here (or scroll to bottom for typed link) to pre-order Troian’s new feature film Feed, which will be available on July 18. Troian not only stars in it, but she is also the screenwriter and a producer of the film, which is a version of her own experiences with an eating disorder. Feed tells the story of Olivia (Troian Bellisario) and Matthew Grey

Már 2017
Movies, News, Projects  •  By  •  New Project: Troian to star in feature film ‘Clara’ bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva

The long wait for casting news relating to Troian is officially over– it has just been announced that Troian Bellisario is set to star in a new sci-fi drama feature film entitled Clara along with her husband Patrick J. Adams. Filming has already begun production in Toronto. Clara tells the story of Issac Bruno (Adams), an astronomer obsessed with searching the cosmos for signs of life beyond Earth, despite the collapse of

dec 2015
Arts & Entertainment, Behind the Scenes, Movies, Photos, Projects  •  By  •  Feed: candid BTS photos bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva

These candid photos of Troian (who will be playing Olivia Grey) and Tom Felton (who will be playing Matthew Grey) were taken on the set of their new film, Feed. Troian wrote the script for and will star in the new film Feed, which is currently filming in Los Angeles. Photos bellow.

jún 2015
Interviews, Movies, Projects  •  By  •  Troian will be starring in a short film titled ‘Still A Rose’, a twist on Romeo & Juliet! bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva

Shakespearean plays have been reimagined and retold to reflect the most important social issues of the time for centuries. Troian Bellisario’s upcoming short film, Still A Rose, is following in that tradition. Troian is starring in a modern-day cinematic adaptation of Romeo & Juliet that expands the diversity of the story across two spectrums: race and sexual orientation. This film is self-described on its Facebook page as such: “Employing Shakespeare and Cinema,

nov 2014
Behind the Scenes, Movies, News, Photos  •  By  •  Still A Rose bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva

Troian shared some very exciting news during the past few weeks. Troian began and finished filming a new independent film called Still a Rose, which will be a take on Shakespeare. The project was, as many of Troian’s others, a collaboration with directing duo Hazart (Kyle & Matt), which are very dear friends of hers. Some others taking part in the project are Brandon Alperin, Brandon Crowder, William Branske, and NE Entertainment. Although no other official

Sze 2014
Movies, Photos, Surf Noir  •  By  •  Surf Noir BTS Photos bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva

I have added Behind the Scenes photos of Troian while filming Surf Noir this past weekend.    Gallery Link: Movies > Surf Noir

aug 2014
Movies, News, Videos  •  By  •  Watch Immediately Afterlife Online bejegyzéshez a hozzászólások lehetősége kikapcsolva

Immediately Afterlife is officially online for everyone to view! Bennett and Marissa are the sole survivors of the final suicidal act of their religious cult. Confused, relieved, angry and unfulfilled the two followers question each other’s motives for joining, living & surviving under the control of their Leader. Faced with their own doubts, Bennett and Marissa must confront their feelings and fears while deciding what life to live after (near)