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I have added Behind the Scenes photos of Troian while filming Surf Noir this past weekend.

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Time to slip into your swimsuit and head to the beach! Troian Bellisario’s new short film has met its Kickstarter goal of $30,000 and is set to head into production. Here’s everything you need to know about Surf Noir.

Troian is really excited about it. After hearing the Kickstarter news, Troian took to Instagram to express her excitement: “WE DID IT! Thank you to everyone who donated and got the word out for us. Looks like were making a movie! Thank you so so so so much,” she captioned an image showing the total pledged.

This is the same group that made Exiles. Remember the short film based on Romeo & Juliet Troian wrote, produced, and starred in? Well, this production is coming from many of the same people. It is a production of The Casitas Group, self-described as “an aggressive and ever-growing group of collaborators who work together and independently in film, TV, theater, music videos, and commercials.”

Shane Coffey is involved, too. Shane Coffey — who starred as Holden Strauss on Pretty Little Liars (and as The Originals’ ill-fated teenaged violinist Tim) — is part of the gang, too! He played the Romeo to Troian’s Juliet in Exiles and, as part of The Casitas Group, will presumably be prominently featured in Surf Noir, as well.
It’s “Hitchcock set to surf.” Catchy tagline, right? Surf Noir is further described as “mix[ing] the mystery intrigue and evocative sensibilities of a classic Noir with supernatural thrills and teen steam.” Um, that is actually kind of reminiscent of Pretty Little Liars, no? If we had a dime for everytimePLL has referenced Hitchcock.

You can check out a mood reel and part of the script. If you’re looking for a greater feel for the film, don’t let us tell you about it — check out the mood reel and first 12 pages of the script available on the Kickstarter page! Just beware you don’t get sucked into the “creepy-classic world of bad boys” or stare too long at the “beautiful neon drenched sunsets.”